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About Governor Holcomb

Eric Holcomb is Indiana’s 51st Governor, but you’re just as likely to find him on the basketball court (he’s made a basket in all of Indiana’s 92 counties) or at a local diner or gathering place (like the Cone Palace in Kokomo) as you are the Statehouse. Eric is laser-focused on building One Indiana for All. That’s centered on growth, opportunity, and – as Eric says – is “people, people, people.”

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“I intend to work even harder over the next two years than I have at any other time, to continue to improve our prospects for every single person who calls Indiana home.” 2023 State of the State, Jan. 10, 2023


Maintaining the ‘Crossroads of America’

Infrastructure isn’t just roads and bridges — it’s broadband, trails, rail, and more.

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Creating a Record-Breaking Economic Environment

Through careful and consistent cultivation, Indiana’s economic environment is thriving.

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Making Indiana the Fiscal Envy of the Nation

Years of balanced budgets, low taxes, and a AAA credit rating have made Indiana the fiscal envy of the nation.

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Supporting Education at Every Level

From early learning to on-the-job training, Governor Holcomb has worked to ensure that every Hoosier is prepared for a successful future.

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Advancing Hoosiers’ Quality of Life and Place

Under Governor Holcomb’s leadership, Indiana is investing in our people and our places.

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Improving Hoosiers’ Health Outcomes

By preventing health problems instead of just treating them, Indiana is tackling one of our most pressing issues head-on.

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