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About Governor Holcomb

Eric Holcomb is Indiana’s 51st Governor, but you’re just as likely to find him on the basketball court (he’s made a basket in all of Indiana’s 92 counties) or at a local diner or gathering place (like the Cone Palace in Kokomo) as you are the Statehouse. Eric is laser-focused on fighting this pandemic and building One Indiana for All. That’s centered on growth, opportunity, and – as Eric says – is “people, people, people.”

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Indiana’s momentum slowed, but we’re revving up again – working to usher in a new era of record job commitments, record infrastructure investments, and new career training opportunities, all while tackling our biggest issues head-on.


Lowering Indiana’s Infant Mortality Rate

And while we still have a lot of work to do, we’re making progress. In 2019, Indiana saw its largest drop in infant mortality in six years.

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Leading Through the Pandemic

As Hoosiers, we’ve come together through this pandemic like never before – helping our neighbors and our communities. Governor Holcomb has taken a steady, data-driven approach as he continues to lead Indiana through these challenging times – and every step of the way, his priority remains the health of Hoosiers, while working to safely restart Indiana’s economic engines.

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Indiana: The Fiscal Envy of the Nation

Under his leadership, Indiana is maintaining its AAA credit rating (the best in the nation!), and our healthy rainy day fund is keeping Indiana in the black during this pandemic while we maintain essential services.

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Attracting Record Job Commitments

Indiana has built the Midwest’s best climate for business. And when it comes to attracting great new jobs, Indiana is continuing to break records.

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Supporting Indiana Schools

For Governor Holcomb, making sure that every Hoosier student has a safe place to learn and grow is a top priority – whether that’s safety from COVID-19, or other threats. That’s why since 2017, Indiana has made over $1.6 billion in NEW investments in Indiana education – and next year, that commitment will continue with a scheduled increase of $183 million in 2021.

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Making Record Road Investments

Indiana is home to one of the nation’s only fully-funded infrastructure plans of its kind – Next Level Roads.

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Expanding Rural Broadband

Millions of dollars in grants have already been awarded for projects spanning 18 counties – and more to come soon to bring broadband access to rural Indiana.

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Skilling Up Hoosiers

Through Governor Holcomb’s Next Level Jobs plan, more than 10,000 Hoosiers have built the skills needed to fill these in-demand, high-wage jobs – helping them earn larger paychecks and open new doors of opportunity.

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Helping Hoosiers With Recovery

Together, we’re working to help Hoosiers achieve and maintain recovery – bettering our communities, economy, public safety, and quality of life for all Hoosiers.

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Connecting Indiana to the World

Connecting Hoosiers with the world around us doesn’t stop with roads and bridges. That’s why Governor Holcomb announced plans to invest $1 billion into Indiana infrastructure!

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Reasons You Might Be a Hoosier

Hoosiers are some of the greatest people on the planet — we’re hard-working, resilient, and we treat our neighbors like family.  Those uniquely Hoosier traits have been on full display as we navigate through the pandemic, together.  We’ll be honest