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About Governor Holcomb

Eric Holcomb is Indiana’s 51st Governor, but you’re just as likely to find him on the basketball court (he’s made a basket in all of Indiana’s 92 counties) or at a local diner or gathering place (like the Cone Palace in Kokomo) as you are the Statehouse. Eric is laser-focused on building One Indiana for All. That’s centered on growth, opportunity, and – as Eric says – is “people, people, people.”

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“I intend to work even harder over the next two years than I have at any other time, to continue to improve our prospects for every single person who calls Indiana home.” 2023 State of the State, Jan. 10, 2023


Lowering Indiana’s Infant Mortality Rate

And while we still have a lot of work to do, we’re making progress. In 2019, Indiana saw its largest drop in infant mortality in six years.

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By investing in Indiana's infrastructure, Governor Holcomb is creating jobs, improving connectivity, and making our state a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

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Creating a record-breaking economic environment

Capital Investments: His administration has attracted $22.2 billion in new capital investment commitments —a 260% increase. 218 companies committed to expanding or relocating to Indiana, and 24,059 new jobs for Hoosiers from those commitments

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Making Indiana the fiscal envy of the nation

By making Indiana the fiscal envy of the nation, Governor Holcomb is ensuring that the state remains financially strong and prosperous and that Hoosiers can enjoy the benefits of a thriving economy for years to come.

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Supporting Indiana Schools

In addition, schools have expanded access to school safety grants and access to a $35 million low-interest loan program for making school updates. And Indiana isn’t stopping until all schools have the tools they need – it simply cannot wait.

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Record Road Investments

His 20-year, fully funded road infrastructure plan has paved the way for smoother, safer travel across the state.

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Expanding Rural Broadband

Millions of dollars in grants have already been awarded for projects spanning 18 counties – and more to come soon to bring broadband access to rural Indiana.

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Advancing Hoosiers’ quality of life and place

Governor Holcomb has invested in projects that support regional development, increase workforce training opportunities, and improve access to affordable housing.

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Improving Hoosiers’ health outcomes

He is committed to improving the health outcomes of Hoosiers by tackling some of the most pressing public health challenges facing our state.

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Connecting Indiana to the World

Connecting Hoosiers with the world around us doesn’t stop with roads and bridges. That’s why Governor Holcomb announced plans to invest $1 billion into Indiana infrastructure!

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