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Maintaining the ‘Crossroads of America’

As the “Crossroads of America,” Indiana knows a thing or two about infrastructure. 

That’s why upon taking office, Governor Holcomb worked with the legislature to pass one of the nation’s only fully-funded infrastructure programsNext Level Roads — aimed at fixing what we have, finishing what we started, and planning for the future.

Without borrowing a dime from future generations of Hoosiers, Indiana is investing an estimated $60 billion in state road construction and maintenance over the next 20 years, completing I-69 three years ahead of schedule, providing cities, towns, and counties with 40 percent more funding to support local road projects, and bolstering the Community Crossings grant program. 

But that’s not all.

With the Next Level Broadband and Next Level Trails programs, Indiana is bridging the digital divide by investing over $270 million in improving broadband access across the state and over $180 million — the largest infusion of funding in history — in regionally and locally significant hiking, biking, and riding trails throughout the state.

Fast Facts

  • Governor Holcomb was named the Doppelt Family Rail-Trail Champion by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in 2022.
  • Indiana’s infrastructure has been ranked in the top five in the country by CNBC every year of Governor Holcomb’s tenure, with no. 1 rankings in 2019 and 2022.
  • Governor Holcomb has led Indiana through one of the state’s largest public transit investments, double tracking of the South Shore Line from Michigan City to Gary, which will cut commuter time from Michigan City to Chicago by 33 minutes.