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Meet Eric

Proven Leadership for Indiana.

Hoosier. Husband. Navy veteran. Dog dad. Governor.

Eric Holcomb is Indiana’s 51st Governor, but you’re just as likely to find him on the basketball court (he’s made a basket in all of Indiana’s 92 counties) or at a local diner or gathering place (like the Cone Palace in Kokomo) as you are the Statehouse. Eric is laser-focused on building One Indiana for All. That’s centered on growth, opportunity, and – as Eric says – is “people, people, people.”

For Eric, it’s about, taking it to the Next Level, and investing in Indiana’s greatest resource: our people. It’s about helping Hoosiers build the skills they need to land a good-paying job. It’s about helping Hoosiers defeat addiction and become healthier so that they can lift themselves and their families up. And it’s about keeping Indiana the fiscal envy of the nation and delivering great government service at a great taxpayer value.

It’s about building One Indiana for All.

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Fun Fact #1

Eric collects presidential signatures, and now has documents signed by every president!


Fun Fact #2

Eric has a miniature schnauzer named Henry. He is known as the "First Dog of Indiana."


Fun Fact #3

Eric is a veteran of the United States Navy and was stationed both domestically and overseas.


Delivering Results for Hoosiers.

  • Record breaking years of capital investment, job commitments, and wages.

  • The largest infusion of state funding into trails.

  • Balanced budgets and a Balanced Budget Amendment to Indiana’s constitution.

  • The largest investment in student literacy.

  • A new approach to advancing quality of life and place with READI.

  • Supporting the top business climate in the Midwest.

  • Paid down 31% of the state’s debt.

  • Returned $1.5 billion to Hoosier taxpayers.

  • One of the naiton’s only fully-funded 20-year road plan.

Eric’s History

Eric was first elected Indiana’s 51st governor in 2016 after a whirlwind 106-day campaign. In 2020, he was overwhelmingly reelected.

Whether it’s his service to Hoosiers alongside Governor Mitch Daniels, Senator Dan Coats, or Governor Mike Pence (now our Vice President!), Eric has earned a reputation as a consensus-builder.

While working with Governor Daniels – from serving as his deputy chief of staff or managing Daniels’ 2008 landslide election win – Eric traveled across Indiana to advance major initiatives that have helped Indiana reach its success today. From capping property taxes to major infrastructure investments through Major Moves, Eric was helping lead the charge.

While working alongside Senator Dan Coats as his state chief of staff, Eric was a main point-of-contact for Hoosiers, state legislators, and local elected officials – making sure they each had a voice in Washington.

And while serving as lieutenant governor under Governor Mike Pence, Eric worked on critical issues facing Indiana – including rural development, agriculture, counter-terrorism, and housing.

Eric’s career has been dedicated to making Indiana the best place in the nation to live, work, play, and stay. And now as your governor, he’s delivering results for Hoosiers.

Eric is the former chairman of the Indiana Republican Party, and is a graduate of Pike High School in Indianapolis and Hanover College in Southern Indiana (where he majored in U.S. history). As a bit of a history buff, Eric wrote a book, “Leading the Revolution,” about Mitch Daniels’ approach to campaigning and governing, and he’s an avid collector of presidential signatures (now owning documents signed by every president!).

Eric is a member of the Indiana Farm Bureau, the National Federation of Independent Business, the Indianapolis WWII Round Table, the American Legion, Post 777; and is a board member of the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site.

He and his wife, First Lady Janet Holcomb, and their dog, First Dog Henry Holcomb, live in the Governor’s Residence in Indianapolis.