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About Henry

Meet Henry

Squirrel Chaser. Hoosier. First Dog.

Henry Holcomb is not your ordinary miniature schnauzer. This eight-year-old pup is the First Dog of the great state of Indiana! From making new friends to taking naps on any day that ends in “y,” Henry Holcomb is a dog who loves being involved in his community and traveling with his mom, First Lady Janet Holcomb, and dad, Governor Eric Holcomb. Henry especially loves participating in parades and chasing squirrels at the Governor’s Residence! Henry’s campaign platform? Making the Governor’s Residence squirrel-free by 2021. But it’s not all squirrel-hunting for Henry.

As First Dog, Henry enjoys highlighting causes near to his heart, like the new Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, which his dad helped fund by signing Indiana’s biennial budget into law. Henry was two months old when he picked the Governor and First Lady as his parents. All he had to do was crawl into his dad’s lap, take a nap, and decide that would be his new home. If you would like to see more of Henry, connect with him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram