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Good Government

Making Indiana the Fiscal Envy of the Nation

Balancing budgets; paying bills; living within our means. 

That’s the motto of working Hoosier families, and it’s been Governor Holcomb’s charge in leading Indiana.

Since he has taken office, Indiana has paid down over 31% of our state debt and shaved off 30 years of additional payments to pension funds while maintaining a AAA credit rating, cutting taxes by over $1.1 billion, and returning $1.5 billion to taxpayers.

And with Governor Holcomb’s support, in the 2017 legislative session, the legislature voted to put a balanced budget requirement for Indiana’s Constitution on Hoosier ballots. And in 2018, Hoosiers voted overwhelmingly to require our state government to not spend more than it takes in. 

It’s a record of fiscal prudence that has come to be known across the country and one that’s much different than our neighbor’s to the west.