Making a Difference

Governor Holcomb’s Promises & Results

For Governor Holcomb, it’s all about promises and results!

As we’re now just days away from Governor Holcomb’s third State of the State address, we wanted to give you an overview of just a few of the top promises Governor Holcomb has made during his first two State of the State addresses, and the real-world results he’s delivered us.

Promise: “We’ll grow our 21st Century economy by investing in and nurturing entrepreneurship, innovation and technology pursuits.”

Results: In 2018, 62 tech firms committed to creating more than 5,700 new Hoosier jobs. That’s while Indiana launched its first-ever high school business pitch competition and more tools are now available for Hoosiers looking to launch a business in Indiana.

Promise: We’re working to add more direct flights in growing cities like South Bend, Fort Wayne, and Evansville to strengthen Indiana’s connection with markets throughout the country and the world.

Results: In the last year alone, South Bend has attracted new flights to Dallas/Fort Worth and Charlotte, Fort Wayne has attracted new flights to Philadelphia, and Evansville attracted new flights to Destin, Florida. And that’s while Indiana’s first-ever transatlantic flight took off connecting Indianapolis to Paris and points around the globe!

Promise: We will “develop a plan to create, reconfigure, and align workforce development programs and funding so that the needs – of today and tomorrow – are met.” (2017)

Results: Governor Holcomb launched Next Level Jobs, a program that’s working to help Hoosiers build the skills needed to fill in-demand, high-wage jobs. We currently have 11,000 Hoosiers enrolled in free training with Next Level Jobs through places like Ivy Tech and Vincennes University, while another 7,000 Hoosiers are skilling-up through grants provided to their employer.

Promise: When it comes to infrastructure, “I will work with you to establish a plan that preserves what we have, finishes commitments we have made and invests in new projects for the future.”

Results: Indiana is home to one of the nation’s only fully-funded infrastructure plans of its kind – Next Level Roads. Without borrowing money from future generations of Hoosiers, Indiana is investing $32 billion into our state’s roads and bridges over the next 20 years. In the first five years alone, Hoosiers can expect to see 122 new lane miles, 1,300 bridges, and 10,000 miles of re-paved roads.

Promise: We’ll enact legislation to require every Indiana K-12 school to offer computer science courses – and we’ll pay for the teacher professional development they’ll need to inspire their students.

Results: Starting in 2021, all Hoosier students from kindergarten to their senior year of high school will receive computer and technology training – and we’re gearing up for it now by providing funding for teacher computer science training.

Promise: “I support a balanced budget amendment.”

Result: With Governor Holcomb’s support, in 2017 the Indiana General Assembly voted to put the balanced budget requirement for the Indiana Constitution on Hoosier ballots, and in 2018, Hoosiers voted overwhelmingly to require our state government to not spend more than it takes in.

Promise: We will complete “I-69 from Evansville to Fort Wayne.”

Results: Through Next Level Connections, Indiana will invest $600 million to accelerate the completion of I-69 by three years…connecting Evansville and Indianapolis by 2024.

Promise: We’re going to “give a well-deserved pay raise to the Indiana State Police.”

Results: In 2017, Governor Holcomb signed a 24% pay raise for State Troopers!

Promise: We’ll seek to increase the number of opioid treatment locations.

Results: Five new opioid treatment centers opened by 2018, with Governor Holcomb signing a law to open nine more, placing treatment within an hour’s drive for most Hoosiers.

Promise: “We’ll send a clear message to anyone who would profit from scourge: If you deal or manufacture illegal drugs that result in someone’s death, you will be charged with our highest-level felony and you will go to prison for a long, long time.”

Results: Gov. Holcomb signed into law stronger penalties for Hoosiers who manufacture or distribute drugs that lead to an overdose death.