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Election Week Checklist

We’re in the fourth quarter. The clock is ticking down and it’s time to bring home the win.

Have you already voted or made a voting plan? Are you wondering what else you can do? Look no further because this week we’re bringing you all the best ways to show your support for Governor Holcomb as we approach Election Day!

Check out our list below, and be sure to do what you can to help us keep building One Indiana for All. We’re in the final stretch of our campaign.

  • Volunteer to knock on doors and help the Holcomb Crew turn out the vote for Eric! We’re counting on Hoosiers like you to help us turn out as many of our friends and neighbors as possible.
  • Don’t have time to knock on doors and still want to make a difference from your home? Sign up to make calls for Eric!
  • Put out a yard sign and share your Holcomb Crew support with your neighbors!
  • Wear your Holcomb-Crouch gear when you’re out this weekend!
  • Show off your Holcomb Crew support on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram with one of these great designs!
  • Follow us on social media and share our posts!
  • Talk to your family and friends about why you’re voting for Governor Holcomb, and encourage them to get out and vote!
  • Don’t forget to vote! Our 2020 Election Center can answer any questions you may have!

We appreciate your support more than ever!

Holcomb Crew