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Holcomb Smashes End-of-Year Campaign Fundraising Record

INDIANAPOLIS – Following a year-end surge in contributions to his campaign, Governor Eric Holcomb ended 2018 with a record-smashing $4 million cash-on-hand, a number that exceeds the cash-on-hand totals of all previous governors at the conclusion of their second year in office.

“After coming into office following an abbreviated 106-day campaign, today Governor Eric Holcomb is raising record amounts of money, his polling numbers are strong, his coattails ensured Republican victories statewide, and he’s transforming the state in measurable ways,” said  Kyle Hupfer, chairman of the Indiana Republican Party Chairman and treasurer of Eric Holcomb for Indiana. “Good policy is good politics and Governor Holcomb is delivering on both accounts.”

Previously, it was reported that Eric Holcomb for Indiana would end the year with $3.6 million cash-on-hand, which itself would have been a record total for the close of a governor’s second year in office. However, that record-breaking bar was raised even higher with a late December surge coming as a result of additional contributions from supporters of the Governor, and a modest re-balancing transfer from the Indiana Republican Party. This was the first transfer made by the State Party to the governor’s campaign committee since the formation of Team Holcomb, a joint fundraising committee of Eric Holcomb for Indiana and the Indiana Republican Party, almost two years ago.

Additionally, Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch will end the year with $815,000 in her account, above the already-impressive $750,000 projected cash-on-hand balance.

“By breaking this record, and eclipsing even our own projections, our supporters in every corner of the state are sending a strong message regarding their sustained support of Governor Holcomb,” Hupfer added.

On that note, Hupfer pointed to a recent poll conducted on behalf of the Indiana Association of Realtors that shows Governor Holcomb’s approval rating at 65 percent, with only 22 percent disapproving.

“Governor Holcomb’s polling numbers are sky high, with strong numbers across ideological, geographic and racial demographics,” Hupfer said. “In this polarized political environment, the strength and consistency of his approval rating is truly astounding and reflective of positive impact Governor Holcomb is making in the lives of all Hoosiers.”