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Holcomb's One Indiana, On the Campaign Trail

Do you know the best cheeseburger in Indiana?

It’s no secret that Governor Holcomb loves Indiana. And we know you love Indiana, and everything that makes our state unique, too. We’re One Indiana.

Eric’s been exploring our One Indiana for a long time now. Long before he became governor and even long before he began his public service. In fact, Eric’s enthusiasm for Indiana and exploring the state started when he was growing up in Pike Township, Indianapolis and continued when he moved back to Indiana after serving overseas as a member of the United States Navy.

And as governor, he stays in perpetual motion. Eric’s visited all 92 Indiana counties multiple times and, as you can imagine, throughout all his travels he’s learned a lot about our state, consumed more calories than he wants to admit, and met thousands of Hoosiers along the way.

This year, Eric wants to share with you a little of what he’s learned, experienced and tasted when he’s been on the road. He wants to share some of those unique qualities that make our One Indiana so special. And we want to hear from you where he should stop next when he’s meeting Hoosiers throughout the state. That’s why we’re kicking off Holcomb’s One Indiana, a fun, weekly list of some of Eric’s favorite things in and about our state.

So, without further ado, and to start the series off, we bring you Gov. Holcomb’s 10 favorite Hoosier cheeseburgers:

Share with Governor Holcomb your favorite burger joint