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Holcomb's One Indiana, On the Campaign Trail

Do you know the most popular member of the Holcomb family?

Eric Holcomb is the third most popular Holcomb… behind his wife Janet and their dog Henry.

The governor has made his peace with that, as Henry has become quite a popular Hoosier canine over these last few years.

In fact, Henry travels Indiana ALMOST as much as the governor does! For this week’s One Indiana list, we wanted to share some of the governor’s favorite Henry moments complete with pictures… because who doesn’t like photos of dogs?

Check out Governor Holcomb’s Top 10 Henry moments below:

1. SATURN dog food: Henry took part in the recent Saturn Petcare announcement — celebrating the beginning of a $38 million project and the addition of 200 new jobs

2. Henry on Jeopardy!: Indiana’s favorite Schnauzer made an unlikely appearance on Jeopardy! (Watch clip here).

3. Henry helped with an engagement proposal and was featured in a New York Times story.

4. Henry and Governor Holcomb took a special walkthrough Holcomb Gardens on Butler University’s campus.

5. Henry helped Hoosier kids learn by starring in an Indiana Department of Natural Resources coloring book.

6. Henry toured Purdue Veterinary teaching hospital, where his dad helped secure funding for new teaching hospital facilities.

7. Henry makes an appearance on RTV 6…and gives a surprise interview!

8. Henry appears in the Indy Star’s “Let It Out” section: Someone mailed in regarding Henry’s fur and Henry responded: (credit: Indy Star)

9. Henry participated in an Indy Humane adoption at the Governor’s residence!

10. Henry met another one of Indiana’s celebrity canines: Butler’s mascot — Butler Blue

Tell us your favorite Henry Holcomb moment