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Holcomb's One Indiana, On the Campaign Trail

Best College Experience

Indiana has an unrivaled network of great colleges and universities all over our state, and the Hoosiers, Boilermakers, Fighting Irish, Cardinals, Panthers, and on and on who study here are extremely creative when it comes to showing their school pride.

And let’s just say that creativity has led to some pretty great college experiences. Eric couldn’t possibly fit all of those traditions at Indiana schools on his list, but he picked a few of his favorites below.

Check it out!

Little 500 – At Indiana University, “The World’s Greatest College Weekend” consists of the largest collegiate bike race in America. Literally the stuff they make movies out of! Check out all the details here.

Silent Night – This is truly a special and (wild) night for Taylor University (if you’re curious about this one, all you have to do is watch this video).

Purdue Grand Prix – This annual go-kart race has been held at Purdue University since 1958 — check out the details here.

Monon Bell Game – Wabash and Depauw have played each other 126 times (it’s as intense as rivalries get). Since 1932, the trophy awarded to the victor has been a 300-pound locomotive bell.

“Play Like a Champion Today” – Football players at the University of Notre Dame touch this iconic sign before every single game. Taking a tour of Notre Dame Stadium is something every Hoosier should experience. Check out a video of this tradition’s history.

Meeting Butler Blue – Butler University’s mascot is everyone’s favorite Hoosier pooch (besides Henry Holcomb!). Indiana’s two most famous dogs actually got a chance to meet earlier this year, see the photos below.

Homecoming Parade – You can’t miss out on Indiana State University’s Blue and White Homecoming parade, the longest student-run parade in the country

Study Abroad– several Indiana schools offer study abroad programs, but Valparaiso University takes it to the Next Level! Valpo is one of the top 40 study abroad schools in the country and is a top producer of Fulbright Scholars in the nation.

Swimming Across the Ohio River
 – OK, maybe not an official tradition, but this is something Eric did as a student at Hanover College.

Regatta on the Indianapolis canal – IUPUI holds this canoe race annually, and the proceeds go toward the Stefan S. Davis IUPUI Regatta Scholarship.

Bed Races – This homecoming event at Ball State University consists of teams pushing a bed down the road on campus…enough said.

What’s your favorite college experience in Indiana?