The list keeps growing! Below is today’s list of endorsements and testimonials from Hoosiers supporting Eric Holcomb for Governor.

Senator Michael Crider
Representative Bob Cherry
Representative Dave Frizzell
Gibson County Commissioner Alan Douglas
Gibson County Commissioner Gerald Bledsoe
Princeton Mayor Brad Schmitt
Princeton Council Derek McGraw
Princeton Clerk Jim Morrow
Clark County Councilman Brian Lenfert

Scott Zarazee, Pike Township (Marion County) Republican Chair 
“I met Eric J. Holcomb working on the Mitch Daniels campaign in 2004. It was always amazing to me that no matter how stressful things got, Eric was calm and led us to get the job done. He inspired us and we all worked together to bring Indiana back from debt, bring back jobs, build new roads, and restore confidence to Hoosiers.

“It was this kind of leadership that led so many of our great elected officials to put their trust in Eric. Gov. Daniels, Sen. Coats, and Gov. Pence all saw Eric’s abilities and wanted him on their side. Eric has the experience to be our next Governor and I have seen up close his ability to bring people together. I am proud to endorse him and look forward to having him as our Governor!”

Adam Bujalski, Elkhart County Republican Party Vice Chair, Elkhart City Councilman
“I am supporting Eric J. Holcomb for the Republican nominee for Governor of Indiana because of his ability to unite our party and bring all factions of Republicans and conservatives together in November. We need someone with a statewide reach who can hit the last 110 days running to show all 92 counties why he is the man to keep us on the path that Gov. Pence has laid for us. During my last city council race I learned so much from Eric as he helped me and mentored me to a win and I saw firsthand his dedication and ability to work with anyone for the greater good. For those reasons Eric is definitely the best person to continue to carry the torch of Republican leadership of the last 12 years.”

Mark Holwager, Former Jennings County Chair
“Eric J. Holcomb has helped shape the future of Indiana by serving with Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence and as Indiana Republican Chairman. I am proud to call Eric my friend and he is my only choice as the next Governor of the state of Indiana!”

Josh South, Switzerland County Republican Chair, Switzerland County Commissioner
“Early on in my role as chair of the SCGOP, Switzerland County was in an intense fight for gaming fund protection at the state legislature. Out of the blue, I received a call from an Indianapolis number and on the other end of the line a voice stated Mr. Chairman, this is Eric Holcomb (he was currently the State GOP Chairman), I understand that you have some concerns over some legislation, what can I do to help get your message across. This was an unsolicited call, where a leader called out of the blue for concerns of one of the smallest counties in Indiana. Since that day, I have met with Eric several times, he is truly a leader of PEOPLE. Someone who asks before talking, answers when asked and in my opinion a true leader.”

Mark Alexander, Johnson County Assessor
“I have spoken with Eric Holcomb at several political gatherings over the past year, and I have enjoyed it every time.  His pleasant humble demeanor is refreshing and he will be an outstanding Governor.  I believe he even knows that I am a tax assessor, and he still talks to me.”

Blair Milo, Mayor of LaPorte
“Eric Holcomb empowers local government and dedicated community servants. I’ve had the opportunity to know and work with Eric since the days when I was first campaigning to run for Mayor of La Porte. I came to know him because Eric has a passion for empowering the grass roots of our party and the next generation of leaders, but I’ll get to that next. Mayors, Commissioners, Sheriffs and many others across the state know Eric from his tireless dedication in showing up and consistently answering the call to assist in any way he can. He’s built a vast network of loyal supporters across the state because he’s been there for us. He answers the phone when we need some support and he’s excited to learn from and problem solve with Hoosiers from all corners of the state. If he doesn’t have an answer to a question he gets back to us, every time, because he knows the core of government service starts at the level closest to the citizen. If you’re ever traveling the state and look for the off-the-beaten-path restaurant or site to see, Eric Holcomb is the person to ask because he’s been there to meet and support the local team.

Phillip Stoller, Former State Committee Member
“I had the privilege of serving with Eric J. Holcomb on the Indiana Republican Party Central Committee. Eric exemplified the kind of servant leadership that inspires me. He always listened to the ideas brought to him, and showed a real interest in understanding peoples’ perspectives. It is this kind of leadership that is best suited to serve the needs of Hoosiers.”

Dan Owen, Jackson County
“I believe Eric has the best chance of winning the statewide election contest against John Gregg…I’m blessed to feel equally comfortable transitioning between working occasionally in downtown Indy and living on a dead-end dirt road in a very rural part of our state, and Eric is the only person seeking the office of Governor that I trust to be fully capable of understanding and representing the interests of all Hoosiers, urban, suburban, and rural. Without the support of voters across this full spectrum, we risk allowing Gregg an opportunity to live in the Governor’s Residence next year.”

Shane Weist, 4th District Young Republican Chair 
“Eric J. Holcomb is a man of strong character, integrity, and faith! He is the definition of what it means to be a Hoosier!”

Chris Atkins Former Director, Indiana Office of Management and Budget
“Eric has been right there every step of the way as the state has moved in a positive direction in the past 12 years. Eric has the knowledge, the skill, the relationships, and the experience to continue our progress. As such, Eric is best suited to build on the Daniels-Pence legacy and keep the State of Indiana moving forward – and hopefully accelerating – its positive momentum.”